Conveyor Chain (Palm Oil Mill)

Solid Extended Pin 6" x 70.000 Every 4 Link

Pitch : 152,4 mm
Roller ( dia )
: 66,7 mm
Inside Width : 25,4 mm
Plate Height : 50,8 mm
Pin ( dia )
: 26,9 mm
Inner Plate Thickness : 7,8 mm
Outer Plate Thickness : 7,8 mm
Lock Nut Size : M 24

This is the recommended type of conveyor chain to be used in every palm oil mill station, due to its lack of welded parts, as
this chain comes with screw and nuts that is integrated with the pin. So welding is not necessary to lock scrapper or bucket.
The nut comes with seal/teflon that act as tightener to the screw, so it is less likely that the nut will fall off on operation.