Inspecting and Testing Equipment


Spectro MAXx Direct-Reading Spectrometer


Micro Vickers Hardness Tester


Rockwell Hardness Tester ( HRA, HRB, HRC )


Invertion Type Microscope

Chain length testing machine

Heat Treatment Technology from Germany

test machine

Universal Material Testing Machine ( 1000 KN )

Production and Manufacturing Equipment

Heat Treatment Technology from German


We used for machining the holes and outer shape of the sidebars with over 20mm thickness, and it's also suitable for machining the holes of both bush and roller with high precision demand. Next description is control our conveyor chain parts. with use "Numerical Control Machine". it's available for machining the part of pin, bush, roller and link plate. that all to make best control for chain parts.

The specially thing that customer must know, the typical of our bush is "Solid Bushing" with perfectness strength. through used our "Cylindrical & Centerless Grinding Machine", that's we used for grinding a large diameter bush or the outer diameter roller.

We also used for grinding the outer round of cylindric part of pin, bush, roller, and etc. Our machine made high-efficiency and high-precision grinding activies, so our parts quality have good performance.

JIG Grinding Machine, we used for exactly grinding the holes of the tool parts punched, make the position accuracy and hole dimension can reach class ( coefficient of friction ) accuracy.